Program of scientific activity of EPD

EPD Research profile

High-energy experimental physics /collaboration with CERN-LHC (ATLAS, ALICE, CMS), COMPASS++/AMBER/
Structure of hadrons and electromagnetic interaction properties with high energy electrons and photons /collaboration with JLab (Halls A, B, C, D)/
Hadron physics based on HERMES and H1 data, /collaboration with DESY/
Very high energy gamma ray astrophysics /collaboration with HESS, CTA/
Fission and fragmentation of nuclei with real photon beams /collaboration with ELI-NP, HIyS/
Measurement of the sea quark Sivers function, using Drell-Yan production /collaboration with FermiLab, SpinQuest/
Study of gluon distributions in spin-polarized electron-nucleus collisions /Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA/
Measurements of asymmetries in the lepton pair production in collisions of non-polarized, longitudinally and transversally polarized protons and deuterons beams (SPD experiment) /Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAility (NICA) at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia)/
Search of rare processes in underground laboratory of Avan salt mining
Low energy nuclear physics research on the basis of ANNL's electron accelerator LUE-75. Studies of photonuclear processes in high-threshold reactions, investigation of secondary neutron-induced reactions
Low energy proton-nucleus interactions using the external beam of Cyclotron C18/18. The proton beam from the C18/18 cyclotron can also be used as a neutron source
Methodic studies: plastic scintillator, NaJ(Tl) and neutrons detector, microstrip silicone detectors, RF phototube, low-pressure MWPC
Development of prototypes for production of chitin/chitosan systems, synthesis and research of their new modification.

Yerevan Physics Institute

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