SEMINARS 2014 - 2018




16.01.2019 Tigran Mkrtchyan

"Activities in the ATLAS experiment"





19.11.2018 Amur Margaryan

"Detectors based on the low-pressure MWPCs and radio

frequency timer: status and applications"



05.06.2018 Hrachya Marukyan

"The recent results from the GlueX experiment"




01.06.2016 Vahagn Ivanyan

"Calculations of Neutron Yield and Gamma Rays Intensity by GEANT4"




12.02.2015 G. Ayvazyan, H. Gulkanyan, L. Poghosyan, V. Pogosov

Does the Octaneutron exist?.


05.03.2015 H. Mkrtchyan

Jlab Hall C transition from 4 GeV to 11 GeV .



11.03.2015 Y. Davydov

Mu2e experiment at Fermilab.


19.03.2015 H. Marukyan

Hard exclusive leptoproduction of mesons at HERMES.


09.04.2015 A. Margaryan

Low Energy Nuclear Interaction Chamber, Neutron Beam Spectrometer-Monitor, Spiral Scanning Streak Camera .


21.05.2015 H. Voskanyan

High Threshold Cerenkov Counter (HTCC) For CLAS12 .


01.07.2015 H. Zohrabyan



04.11.2015 A. Baghdasaryan

"Physics and Experiment at JLab (Hall D)" 




12.02.2014 N. Gevorgyan. V. Kakoyan

The planned experiments in the Hall-D at Jefferson Lab and our experience and contribution in the slow control system of Hall-D


26.02.2014 G. Karyan

Olympus cosmic muon simulator


05.03.2014 V. Yaralov

Controlling of the Channeling Radiation by Ultra-short Laser Pulses.


12.03.2014 R. Avetisyan

IceBell experiment in a University of ND and the tests for new Masytec ADC.


19.03.2014 A. Petrosyan

Transverse Target Spin Asymmetry for Exclusive Vector Mesons Production on Hydrogen Target at HERMES.


26.03.2014 .

. .



09.04.2014 V. Tadevosyan

Natural Particle Spectrometer Project in Hall C at JLab and its physics program.


16.04.2014 A. Abramyan

Upgrade and development of the computing environment of ALICE experiment at LHC, CERN.


23.04.2014 H. Voskanyan

Pre-shower Calorimeter (PCAL) for CLAS 12 .


14.05.2014 .



01.10.2014 Y. Ghandilyan

Coherent photoproduction of proton anti-proton pair on deuterium with CLAS.


01.10.2014 A. Simonyan

Harp Scan and Beam Position in Hall B.