Yerevan Physics Institute, 2010 - 2013

EPD Research profile

High energy experimental physics  / collaboration with CERN-LHC (ATLAS, ALICE, CMS) /

Structure of  hadrons  and electromagnetic interaction  properties with high  energy electrons and photons / collaboration with  JLab (Halls A, B , C, D) /

Fission and fragmentation of nuclei with real and virtual photon beams / collaboration with  Jlab, MAX-lab /

Hadron physics based on HERMES and H1 data , OLYMPUS experiment / collaboration with DESY /

Fragmentation mechanisms in high energy nuclear interactions / collaboration with JINR (BECQUEREL)

Search of rare processes in underground laboratory of Avan salt and R&D for GEMMA-2 setup / collaboration with JINR /

Very high energy gamma ray astrophysics / collaboration with HESS , CTA /

Low energy nuclear physics research on the base of ANSL's accelerator complex (electron linac, microtron, synchrotron ) - cluster structure of excited states of light nuclei (He, Li, Be) and photonuclear reactions including12C into three alpha

Low energy proton-nucleus interactions using the external beam of  Cyclone-18

Methodic studies: plastic scintillator, substrates for nuclear targets, NaJ(Tl) and neutrons detector, microstrip silicone detectors, RF phototube, low-pressure MWPC

Development of prototypes for production of chitin/chitosan systems, synthesis and research of their new modification.